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Weeknight is an independent publishing company based in Tainan, Taiwan, bringing  you what is trending, starting to make a dent in our world, from an oriental perspective. Unlike any publication in the world, Weeknight reports on the issues connecting the east to the west.

Weeknight’s team of editors consists of Asians who have studied and worked in the west, along with expats who have lived and worked in the region for an extended period of time, the editors also come from cross-disciplnary backgrounds, ranging from publishing, business, branding, culinary, geo-politics and the arts. This mix of expertise ensures Weeknight’s multi-faceted, insightful view on the region.

In our home market Taiwan, The English and Chinese bilingual Weeknight is available in Eslite, Kingstone and all other major book stores, online book stores such as book.com.tw and Taaze. You can also find Weeknight articles in Starbucks across Taiwan.

Internationally, The English edition of Weeknight is available in over 20 markets internationally, including Barnes & Nobles, Books a Million and other good news stands in the US, it is also available in many of Europe’s great newsstands and bookstores, including Ideas on Paper in Nottingham, Warder News in London, and Athenaeum in Amsterdam. It is also available in the Asian region in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Weeknight has a physical shop in the heart of Tainan, at the Blueprint Creative Park, where you can stock up on all past issues of Weeknight, have a pint of Taiwan craft beer, enjoy premium Taiwanese teas over a nice chat with one of our team members. The shop also features goods and gadgets our editors discovered during their researching and reporting. On the second floor of our shop, is a small lounge space where small intimate events are hosted.

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